AHZ Programs

Outreach: Abba's Drop In Center

Abba's Learning Center is a space we rent in town in order to stay connected with the kids and have an opportunity to go deeper with them.  We have a chance to prepare them to be rescued, help them get caught up in school and learn about Christ.

Outreach: Weekly Day Camp

Mayompapa is our Tuesday outreach meeting that involves washing their clothes, showering, eating a nice warm meal, having a bible study and playing sports.  Usually we have 40 kids ride in on a 30 passenger bus from town to get loved on.

Outreach: Mercy Care

Mercy care is ongoing medical, police, family visits, pregnancy, counsel and even burial care for these kids.  They literally have no one.  On certain evenings our outreach team will even go to the streets just to pray for each child they encounter.

Residential: Boys Homes

Abba's boys homes sit on 10 acres of property.  Each home holds 10 boys with a set of house parents.  We work hard to get the kids acclimated for school and build new ideas about family and community.  They also learn agriculture and life skills.  Our cornerstone is rehabilitative discipleship as we work through God's word for healing.

Residential: Girls Home

The girls come with many challenges due to so much abuse and prostitution from street life.  Many come with diseases and pregnancy.  Our Daughters of Destiny team work hard to reshape the thinking of these young women as they see how God can bring beauty from ashes through trauma care, counsel and bible study.  All of Abba's kids are given the opportunity for education and skill training according to their capacity.

Independent Living: Exiters

As these kids grow through our programming and become men and women of God, we work to help them find new connections with any family and community possible.  They are either trained in a skill or sent to University and they are learning how to thrive on their own.  This process takes several years and is customized based on the individual.